Back to Maui!

by / Wednesday, 02 September 2009 / Published in Russ Faurot

I returned to Maui in August, and have been blessed with top notch conditions throughout the period. I have been sailing almost every day. There has been a steady supply of small windswell waves to play with, and more recently a large out of season North swell arrived. The North swell provided some really epic conditions with 4.2 winds and logo to mast high+ waves breaking across the reefs. It was nice to have good power in the sail giving opportunity for massive jumps and powerful waverides.

I was having a great time when I crashed on a pushloop. My foot got twisted and yanked out of the footstrap injuring some ligaments. Fortunately I do not have any broken bones and look to be back on the water soon. For now, it is a very sore foot and no sailing.

I did get a few nice pictures of sailing, prior to my foot injury on that day. The water shots were taken by Dave Baker. He can be found at The jump was provided by OES Australia Maui.

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