AWT cancelled in Hatteras

by / Thursday, 13 October 2011 / Published in Jerry Evans

Major bummer!!! So the Cape Cod Team Abide headed to a small island off the New England coast. We needed a little in the water bonding to get over our big let down.

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  1. Ellen Friel says : Reply

    Dave Ezzy is a regular at Kanaha Jerry, and such
    a nice guy. I’m a Naish fan, but I know Ezzy has
    a huge following. Great to catch your blog. Say “hi”
    to Janice!

  2. Jerry says : Reply

    Great to hear from you Ellen!!! We will make it back to Maui some day and hope to sail with you guys. Hello to Phil and the kids.
    Blowing a solid 30 mph here today so look for some action in the next post.

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