Awesome Week of Wave Sailing!

by / Sunday, 30 January 2011 / Published in Russ Faurot

After a relatively quiet month of January, we got to finish it off with a bang.  Since my previous post, I have sailed nearly every day.  The first day was huge as predicted, and all my normal spots were too big to go out.  Jaws was going off as well.  I chose to sail at Lower Kanaha where it’s a bit protected from the extra large surf.  Kanaha still managed to pull in some mast high sets, but most were logo high and peeling.  At this size Kanaha is incredibly fun.  The wave is relatively soft, and peels for ages.  You can hit the lip without too much worry.  Ben Jones took a couple pictures and sent them on to me.  You can check out his blog here. I used my 5.0 sail and 72L quad and had plenty of power.

The next few days saw the swell drop to more manageable levels.  There were still huge 20 foot sets, but they were spaced out a little better, so I chose to sail up the coast at Kuau.  The winds remained good and I was able to use 4.7 each day.  These are the days that make you really appreciate living on Maui.  Peeling 10-20 foot waves and 4.7 wind.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  I only got pictures one day, but I think there are some pretty good ones.  Photos were taken by Joe Foster and Vinnie Armato.

Check out how smooth that wave is!



Big one.

Last but not least.  A goiter attempt.  Unfortunately my mast got clipped by the wave and this one didn’t end up too nicely.  It looks like the wind may take a break for a couple days now, so back to the surf board.  Life is good!

See ya on the water.

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