Summer With the AWT-Part 3

Tuesday, 20 September 2011 by

The third stop on the American Windsurfing Tour brought us to Punta San Carlos, Baja. San Carlos has to be one of the most fun waves to sail. It is a long point break with perfect side-off winds to keep the wave faces open and clean. Competition was held the first week of August, and

Summer With the AWT-Part 2

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 by

The second stop on the American Windsurfing Tour brought me to Pistol River, in Oregon.  Pistol is always a fun place to sail because it is usually very windy.  I use 3.7 or 4.2 most of the time.  It’s one of my favorite places to jump.  My jumping setup is a really fast 65L OES

Summer With the AWT-Part 1

Monday, 15 August 2011 by

I had a great time windsurfing this summer traveling with the American Windsurfing Tour.  The first stop was Waddell Creek on the California Coast near Santa Cruz.  We didn’t get the best of conditions, but it was enough to run through a complete single elimination and come out with a result.  I personally didn’t do

Time For an Update

Friday, 15 April 2011 by

The Spring sailing season has been really good here on Maui.  March saw wind nearly every day, with loads of waves too.  March is photoshoot season, so all the international pros come over to ride the new gear.  It’s great fun to see the guys going off, but it makes for some very crowded sessions.

Awesome Week of Wave Sailing!

Sunday, 30 January 2011 by

After a relatively quiet month of January, we got to finish it off with a bang.  Since my previous post, I have sailed nearly every day.  The first day was huge as predicted, and all my normal spots were too big to go out.  Jaws was going off as well.  I chose to sail at

Kona Winds

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 by

Every winter in Maui the wind reverses from it’s normal trade wind direction, giving us Kona Winds.  Usually it only lasts for a day or two, but sometimes up to a week at a time.  This year is no different, and I have sailed 2 Kona days so far.  I have had my new Ezzy

Early Christmas Present!

Thursday, 23 December 2010 by

I just got the best present ever.  My new sails arrived!  There hasn’t been any wind yet, but as soon as it shows up I’ll be out there. Sails look sick. See ya on the water…

A New Old Video

Tuesday, 09 November 2010 by

The last few days of sailing have been really fun.  Yesterday we had very strong offshore winds.  It’s challenging and a lot of work dealing with that wind, because it tends to be really gusty and overpowers you when on the wave.  Still, I managed to get some good rides and a few decent jumps.

October Sailing

Friday, 05 November 2010 by

Winter has arrived on Maui in full force.  This past week we had our first big swell of the year with 20-30′ waves.  Most places were closed out and it was  very stormy.  Today is looking a little better with the swell backing off and a little better wind direction.  The forecast looks great so

Thinking of Winter

Sunday, 12 September 2010 by

As September trudges along, I can’t help but think about Winter.  Winter is the time I enjoy most in Hawaii.  There are sure to be waves and wind, but until then; I wait.  I sit here reflecting on past winters, with these pictures to jog my memory of what is to come.  Hold on to your