A Winter in Baja on the 2008 Special Edition Wave

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Gary on the ’08 Special Edition in Baja.

So what are the new 2008 Special Edition Waves like?  With well over 100 sessions from October until the first week of April we’ve had plenty of time to rig, ride and adjust them (actually we found they take very little adjustment).  We arrived in La Ventana the end of September and were treated to some early season warm winds and water in October and November.  The first north winds of fall signal the start of the El Norte season with north winds blowing down the Sea of Cortez.  Typically the Nortes blow from November through April.  This was a windy year, so the SE’s got a work out.

Our quiver runs from a 3.5 to a 5.0, and as with many sailing couples we are able to share the quiver.  Nancy’s sail is usually half a meter less than mine, and with boards of 85 and 75 liters (we have two 75 liter boards for big days) we are set for the conditions in La Ventana.  We did have a couple of big days that I probably could have been on the 3.5, but I found that the 4.0 had so much range, I just set the outhaul to the longest string and stayed on the water.  There were several days that I found myself out on both a bigger or smaller sail than other sailors my size.  There were lighter days when guys were struggling on 5.2 and 5.5, and I found my 5.0 set for light wind, to be just great.  I tend to be a pretty efficient sailor, but the ’08 SE definitely has incredible range.  Sailors might re-think the old system of half meter increments in their quiver, especially when you get above 4.2 – 4.5.  Fewer sail changes, less equipment to buy and carry around are all good things that increase your time and fun on the water.

There are many things that make the ’08 SE my favorite (stop by the beach this summer and we can talk about them), but when I was thinking of the right words to describe how this sail “feels”, the two words that come to mind are balance and power.  Simply stated the sail just feels right … it allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.  From the power you need to get up on a plane to spilling an overpowering gust, the sail is a balance of smooth power and range that will put a smile on your face.  I find that setting the downhaul towards the maximum setting and then just tuning the outhaul for the conditions is the best way to rig the ’08 for me … a little change in the outhaul makes a big difference in performance.  I could go on but, as I have told our customers for years … the truth is on the water.  If you are coming to the Gorge this summer let me get you out on an Ezzy to feel the balance and power for yourself.  Great sailing, Gary & Nancy


          Ezzy rigging clinic Baja Style


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