A New Video

by / Tuesday, 20 October 2009 / Published in Russ Faurot

Well, I am just now coming off of a 7-week foot injury. My foot is still a bit sore, but I can feel it gaining strength every day. I jumped straight into hi-wind board testing with Windsurfing Magazine for my first days back on the water. It was a good way to get back, because I was riding boards without doing too much jumping. I did toss in a few forward loops today just to make sure that I could stil do it. I was a perferct 5 for 5, so I guess I haven’t lost it! Testing was fun, with 10 different maunufacturers entering their 80-90L boards for us to try.

Just came across another Oregon Coast video by Jake Miller, of Snakebite Productions. Jake and I are the featured riders. Enjoy.

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