A hot Windfest has a windy end.

by / Tuesday, 01 July 2008 / Published in Gary Morris, Latest News

Sunshine greeted sailors on Saturday as temperatures reached over 100 and only a light breeze rippled the mighty Columbia River.  There were some sailable easterlies in Stevenson, but barely a breeze in Hood River.  Everyone was thinking the same thing, “another windless Windfest”?  But sailors did come to check out the newest boards and sails which were rigged and ready in anticipation.  The big hit on this windless day were the SUP boards which were enjoyed by both kids and adults. 


 Sunday morning the forecast was for a chance of west wind by afternoon, and that was all that most sailors needed to stay around.   By 2pm a light west wind was starting to fill in, giving the Freestylers just enough to get out and do their thing.  Finally, by 3pm an occasional white cap brought out the formula gear and big sails.  With eager anticipation sailors headed to the water.  The Ezzy Zephyr 7.5 and Infinity 7.0 were some of the first sails out, and local sailor Chris Boston was looking solid and powered on the Zephyr.

The wind continued to build, and in classic Gorge fashion, sailors were soon looking for 6.0’s, then 5.0’s and finally 4.7’s.  With everyone focusing on the water, we didn’t notice the clouds building on Mt. Hood behind us.  The gathering came to a quick end as the first crack of thunder echoed from the hills and lightning flashed in the distance.  Everyone scrambled to de-rig and load up gear as the first drops of rain fell.  The season started with a bang and with wind forecast for this week, we are off to a great start.  We will be out on the river later this week with demos, so watch the Ezzy website for the locations and times, or check with Windance and Isthmus West in Hood River.  See you at the beach, good sailing, Gary & Nancy

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