5 Things I love about Ezzy from Aurelien Nicoul

by / Wednesday, 23 March 2011 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials
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Equipment is predominant for your personal windsurfing experience and performance. If you are looking for a new sail, ask around and try an Ezzy sail. Be curious and believe in yourself. Here are five things I love, in priority order!


– FEELING – It determines if you like a sail or not, and this is the most important characteristic. Without any doubt, the Wave Panther is a powerful and radical designed sail offering quick accelerations and an outstanding stability! It is a very interesting sail since its design is exclusive when most of the wave sails from other brands work similarly. The profile is built into the sail panels and the sail is loading and unloading by the pivoting of the luff. Even underpowered, the sail will load and generate great traction.


– TUNABILITY – Since the weather permanently evolves, it is indispensable to easily tune the shape of the sail to adjust it according to your needs. Tunability is exceptional for my experience, and this could dramatically reduce your quiver and you will always feel like you got the right sail at the right time. Exceptional wind range.


– VISIBILITY – Ezzy Sail is offering a great visibility through the lifetime of the sail!


– CONSTRUCTION – Those sails are ahead of their rivals. For what I seen, advanced material are found prior on Ezzy Sail. For example, the sail was already made with Technora in production early 2009 and Tri-lit Scrim appeared in early 2010. I saw other companies starting using those materials a couple of months later! The sails are constantly refined through the years and their Lightness has dramatically improved, offering an outstanding light feeling without reducing durability.


– THE COMPANY – I have seen people so excited to see a new sail, identical to the previous year but with new graphic. I think Ezzy Sail is very respectful to his loyal customers. And then, this is an interesting article I recommend: http://www.ezzy.com/company/ezzy-manufacturing/

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