2014 Aloha Classic

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Three, Two, One —bbbbbaaammmmmmmppppp 29 days to go till the final event of the AWT and the PWA starts off on Maui’s world famous Hookipa Beach Park. Over 100 riders will come out to challenge themselves in conditions that are like nowhere else on earth. From the AWT side of things the stage is set. Ezzy’s Kevin Pritchard is the current tour leader heading into the event, but that doesn’t make things easy for the claiming the AWT Title.


The AWT is a six event tour, the first event had no wind, the other 4 events up to this point have been spectacular. Maui local ripper Levi Siver claimed 1st place in the first two events, one in Gold Beach Oregon, and one in Pacasmayo, Peru. In Mexico, Levi came third and fellow Maui Local Morgan Noireaux won the event, which starts to make things get a little interesting. Pritchard, known for his constancy, has a fourth place at the first event, followed by a run of second places and a first place at the last event in Cape Hatteras.


The big factor that makes it all get tight is the throwout. After 5 events happen, you are allowed to drop one event, which will tighten everything up really close. If Levi does better than 4th, he will win, assuming Pritchard doesn’t win the Aloha Classic. If Pritchard wins the Aloha Classic, the title is his. If he comes second and Levi is not first he can also win. Morgan can also win the tour with a first at the Aloha Classic, assuming Kevin and Levi don’t get second and 4th. His win in Baja and his second in Cape Hatteras gives  him a strong contention for the title. This event is going to be one to watch!

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