by / Friday, 13 March 2009 / Published in Jem Hall

Hey, Just back from Cape Town which was amazing. Some great days and lots of Ezzy Panthers on view. The wind is mainly 4.7 weather but on this sail you must use it in 10 to 30 knots so the huge untuned range of the sail was just so awesome for keeping me in control in riding and jumps.

The water is cold, the waves are sweet and most of Europe goes there to train / holiday for the winter. There are so many spots that you score some sailing almost every day if you are willing to drive. One of my favourites is Platboom in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, but be careful of the baboons.

Thanks to Suntrax out there who lent me a sail and a re doing a great job as our NEW Ezzy retailer.

Sorry for not getting more blogs up but I will get some pics and news on Mauritius and Brazil soon. Hope to see you on a clinic in Baja on Aug 21 – 29 this year or somewhere else.

Thanks to Liz from Cape Sessions for the Pix.

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