10 Places you must go as a Windsurfer

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Four million miles on my American Airlines Advantage account, I would say I have traveled a good part of the globe, windsurfed in some of the best places in the world, and had some amazing times. I often get asked where is the best place to windsurf in the world. Here are my top ten.
Hanstholm, Denmark- This was probably one of the most fun session’s of windsurfing I have had on the Continental Europe. Maybe it was the day, maybe it was the week, but for a couple of days in a row, Hanstholm, went off. The coastline is filled with epic beauty, reminding me of Northern California. Raw beauty, it is truly amazing.


Central Coast, California- Look too hard, you might not find it. The central coast has tons of fun spots littered along highway 1. Amazing fun, small wave, and side offshore winds. Maybe not the most incredible wave I have been to, just pure fun usually with good friends.



Tourists of The Sea – Episode One – Arroyo Laguna – Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy from Johannes Neumann on Vimeo.

Pacasmayo, Peru- This place for me is the Baja of port tack, perfect for learning to wave ride, perfect for ripping it to pieces. I love the playfulness of the waves here, one of the longest waves I have ever ridden.




Vairao,Tahiti-  Not your most user friendly place for wave sailing, but simply awesome. I have been there three times and absolutely love it. I like the water more than the land, especially from a windsurfer, you get views of this amazing place like you have never seen before.


Kevin 04


Omaezaki, Japan- Talk about a culture shock. Take an 8 hour flight from Maui, followed by a 5 hour drive to Japan’s countryside. Way out there, but when it is good, it reminds me of the conditions I had growing up. Usually side shore starboard tack and super fun beach break type conditions. The wind can be anywhere from 5.3 to 3.7 and sometimes both on the same day.


Graham Ezzy in Japan from umi pictures on Vimeo.

Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria – When it is good, incredible. I have spent over a year and a half of my life on this beach. Maybe not the most beautiful place in the world but amazing for windsurfing on a good day. Pack your 3.7 because it can get radically out of hand windy.


Punta San Carlos, Baja California- The fun factor here is incredible. It hold interest from pro’s to first time beginners in the waves, with smiles from everyone. This is one place where I have laughed from having so much fun on one wave. An absolute must for any wave rider. It is very hard to get to if you do it on your own, but if you go with the crew at Solo Sports, life is good.


Tourists of The Sea – Episode Two – Punta San Carlos – Surgical Strike – Kevin Pritchard + Graham Ezzy from Johannes Neumann on Vimeo.


Maui, Hawaii- The epicenter of where it all started. Still where most of the windsurfing industry call home. It gets crowded, it’s not the best wave in the world, but on a good day it can be the most fun place you have ever sailed.




Cape Verde- This is my number one. If you are a windsurfer that likes to hit the lip, you owe it to yourself to go here once in your life. I still can remember the feeling of hitting the lip so hard, it pitching me out so far, so high, coming down in for landing it almost threw my back out. It is a long haul from anywhere on earth, especially Maui, but I have been the last three years just for fun if that tells you anything.




You might say hey that’s only 9, but I need to leave at least one spot on the list for the unknown that I haven’t been to yet. I still have a couple spots where I want to go explore. On the top of the list is New Zealand, Mauritius, and South Africa. Where is your favorite place to windsurf?


11 Responses to “10 Places you must go as a Windsurfer”

  1. john lebens says : Reply

    Sal CV, nice big powerfull waves. Loved the Flinstone gym next tp Angulo’s

  2. Dave Exton says : Reply

    Hey guys great videos, all of them are pretty damn cool. Silly question but whats the group playing “Summertime” in the California vid, first song. Really cool, I want to put it into the iPod for my wedding in Maui in June this year. At least I can tick one off….Just a great feeling to suit the fun vibes of the video. Well done again and keep up the good work!


  3. My favorite place is anywhere the conditions are enough to go out and play 🙂
    Anyways my local spots here, right close to my home here in Chile are always the best!!!


  4. Gino says : Reply

    Pacasmayo, Perú is one of the best in the world.

  5. qUIM says : Reply

    Leucate, France – A lot of nice Windsurf spots, either in the sea and in the lake. And near from home! 🙂

  6. Esteban says : Reply

    Yes agreed! You need to visit New Zealand. You must visit Taranaki and Wellington! Many spots and a great place to spend a holiday too!

  7. jamil haddad says : Reply

    hey, you have to visit the spot in north lebanon called colonel. best spot ever.

  8. FoS says : Reply

    Back of Lighthouse, westcoast Tasmania, Australia.
    A bit daunting to look at, but an awsome reef

  9. Ursina says : Reply

    Check out Morocco! It’s much better than Hanstolm! 🙂
    I guess you don’t have Australia on your list because it’s port tack? And also crowded- at least some places… But nice waves!!

  10. Jacques says : Reply

    I’d say Taranaki, NZ is a must see.

  11. Goran says : Reply

    Dear Kevin,

    your list is amazing and I wish I could travel and windsurf those spots.
    But we all have that special place where we just love to go windsurfing. For me that is town Bol on the island of Brač in Croatia.

    It is stunning. I am sure you will have fun in New Zealand, Mauritius, and South Africa but you have to check out this place as well.

    Conditions are mostly bumb&jump but we tend to get head high waves few times during the summer.
    What is so special about that place is the surrounding; beautiful green landscape with highest peek of all Croatian islands, crystal clear blue sea and on top of that one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Zlatni rat.

    If you prefer pictures and videos I would appreciate that you check out this FB page from windsurfing center “Johnny’s Windy Way” where you can find more info about this place and plan your trip here 😀 The center has oldschool vibe, it is in natural shade and it is the closest center to that famous beach where the wind is strongest.

    Thank you for your cool article and here is the link from the FB page https://www.facebook.com/windsurfingcenterBol and our fun video from Bol http://youtu.be/jTO_KkmPUko



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